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35 min read

Peopleverse 003: Bill Dawson

Special guest Bill Dawson is Executive Director of Concrete Products Group, LLC (CPG), a national US network of concrete masonry producers. The CPG consists of regional market leaders in the concrete products industry, and is organized to provide...

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21 min read

Peopleverse 002: Laying the Groundwork

Special guest Robert Habian, AIA joins the show to help introduce the Peopleverse. Find out why we started the show, what we hope to accomplish with...

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2 min read

Peopleverse 001: What is the Peopleverse?

✌️ We couldn't think of a better day to launch a new show than 2/22/22, at 2:22 PST no less. We call it Tect Tuesday. There's a certain ring to it...

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Advice for the Next Generation of AEC Industry Professionals

Here's a video presentation filled with actionable advice for students and early-career professionals in AEC from six thoughtful leaders in the...

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