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Peopleverse 018: Kyle Morck

In this episode Kyle Morck of Reynolds+Myers shares his insight into modern marketing strategies for building product manufacturers. Key takeaways from this discussion are how product manufacturing marketing and sales teams should be moving beyond design professionals as "lead gen", how marketing and sales should be differentiated for results, the only worthwhile marketing BPM's should be doing, and how these teams can be best prepared to interact with architects and design professionals early in the design process when it matters most in order to build long term relationships.


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About Kyle:

Kyle is VP of Strategy at Reynolds+Myers. R+M works with B2B companies in the food and shelter industries, including Boise Cascade, BASF, Simplot, and Idaho National Lab. Kyle’s work on strategy, research, and consulting enables marketing leaders at these companies to navigate the chaotic world of modern marketing.

Kyle began his career in the arts. He's worked with a number of internationally renowned nonprofit dance companies in both an artistic and executive capacity. Most recently he was the managing director of LED, one of Dance magazine's "25 to Watch" in 2020.

As a filmmaker, Kyle has directed one feature-length film, a handful of narrative short films, and over fifty short dance films. His work has been featured in publications including The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, Dance Magazine, and Slate.

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