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Peopleverse 025: Patricia Yulkowski and Candace Kitchen of Total Door Systems

A conversation with Patricia Yulkowski and Candace Kitchen.

About this episode:

In this podcast episode, Patricia Yulkowski and Candace Kitchen of Total Door Systems join Evan Troxel in the Peopleverse to discuss the importance of building relationships and trust between the design community and the manufacturing community, particularly in the context of life safety and the importance of early engagement to avoid expensive mistakes in the field.

In the Peopleverse, we’re people-first.


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About Patricia Yulkowski:

Patricia is the second-generation CEO of Total Door. She is a registered Architect and has been recognized by RadTech (The association for UV & EB technology), Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center and Society of Manufacturing Engineers for Innovation, and best practices. She is also past President of BHMA.
About Candace Kitchen:
Candace is the primary presenter and educator for Total Door Systems integrated door systems, life safety and building code courses. She has more than three years’ experience in working with architects, engineers, hotels, fire safety personnel and others to ensure that they have the latest information on life safety building codes and product options to ensure compliance. Candace is a central part of Total Door Systems’ customer service team, and helps each customer with her characteristic high energy and positivity. 

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