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Peopleverse 022: David Corle of HMI Glass

A conversation with David Corle, CSI.

About this episode:

David Corle, CSI joins the Peopleverse podcast to talk about the importance of building personal relationships, mentorship, using humor on social media, the dangers of perfectionism, changing the perception of building product manufacturers from product-pushers to trusted advisors, and emphasizes the importance of authenticity, vulnerability, and service before sales in building trust and relationships.

In the Peopleverse, we’re people-first.


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About David Corle, CSI:

A third generation glazier, David spent the first fifteen years of his career gaining hands-on experience in the glass industry. Armed with that knowledge, in 2015 he joined one of the nations largest manufacturers of custom shower enclosures as the New England Regional Sales Rep. In 2018 he accepted the position of East Regional Sales Manager following the acquisition of a competitor and in 2020 was promoted to Director of National Hospitality Division, where he guides the development of A+D facing education and outreach initiatives.

David carries his passion and experience with glass into every conversation and hopes to educate, inspire and start conversations with his LinkedIn audience and the wider design community around the subjects of design, hospitality and the glass & construction industries.

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