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Peopleverse 013: David Corle

Glass aficionado David Corle joins the Peopleverse to talk about the benefits of engaging a product expert early in the life of a project and to share his knowledge and passion for glass.

This are so many great bits of information for design professionals to glean in this episode that open up design possibilities, expose things everyone should be aware of in the product category, and learn significant ways to save money on projects. 

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About David:

David is a third generation glazier who spent the first fifteen years of his career gaining hands-on experience in the glass industry. Armed with that knowledge, in 2015 he joined HMI Glass (which is one of the nations largest manufacturers of custom shower enclosures) as the New England Regional Sales Rep. In 2018 he accepted the position of East Regional Sales Manager following the acquisition of a competitor and in 2020 was promoted to Director of Architecture and Design (A+D) Relations, guiding HMI's hospitality and multi-family division by developing A+D-facing education and outreach initiatives. 

David carries his passion and experience with glass into every conversation and hopes to educate, inspire and start conversations with you around the subjects of design, hospitality and the glass and construction industries.

In this episode we discuss:

  • David’s history in the glass manufacturing industry
  • David’s early experience working in the field and how it was invaluable to his role today
  • the glass product category (more specifically the hospitality and multi-family shower enclosures) 
  • his role serving design professionals
  • David’s biggest pet peeve in commercial projects as a glass enthusiast
  • how inviting a rep like David to your project early to gain his insights could not only save money for your clients but also help you design better projects in regards to maintenance, damage, durability, and more
  • an explanation of what design professionals should be aware of when specifying shower glass
  • the concept of replacing hard to source materials with glass because of innovations in digital printing
  • what aesthetics are available when printing on glass (including replacing the need for applied films)
  • the characteristics of glass that affect aesthetics
  • the one thing all design professionals should be certain to specify when putting glass shower panels in a project
  • answers to the questions:
    • does it matter where the glass comes from for a project?
    • is all glass created equal?
    • how can design professionals deliver the best value for their client’s money?
  • glass coatings for cleaning and overall lower maintenance over the life of the project
  • the one thing design professionals can specify to insure glass will look beautiful over the long term
  • what building product reps should be—and shouldn’t be—doing when visiting architectural offices
  • the latest news on fluted glass options for the design community
  • the kind of projects designers should be looking at for inspiring uses of glass
  • David’s three-part megaphone message is for the industry

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