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Peopleverse 020: Ian Merker, AIA

In the final episode of our first season of episodes, Ian Merker, AIA, LEED AP joins the Peopleverse podcast live from the Tect booth in the expo hall at the American Institute of Architects National Conference on Architecture which took place on June 23-25 in Chicago, Illinois.

In this episode we talk about what attending the National Conference on Architecture is like from an architect's perspective and we discuss some professional activities architects are involved with—beyond their day job—to serve their communities. This peek into the life of an architect illuminates additional corners of the profession for those who want to know more.

📺 Watch the episode on YouTube here.

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About Ian:

Ian has close to 20 years of experience in managing the design and construction administration of major projects including developments in civic and education markets. Throughout his career, he has worked toward opportunities to practice high quality regenerative design and historic preservation. He is a strong believer that architecture and research combined with design thinking, strengthens society and in turn contributes to a positive sustainable effect on the world. 

As an active leader in professional organizations, Ian has engaged in mentorship, industry commitments to climate action and historic preservation, and advocated the value of design and architecture to the community.

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