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Peopleverse 023: Mike Kunard of Hidden Step Marketing

A conversation with Mike Kunard

About this episode:

Mike Kunard of Hidden Step Marketing joins the podcast to discuss his experience in the building industry, including the importance of mentors and the value of wisdom over data. We also chat about the need to break down barriers and build relationships between design professionals and product experts to share knowledge and solve problems.

In the Peopleverse, we’re people-first.


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About Mike Kunard:

After succeeding in the building materials industry for 20 years as manufacturer and distributor, Mike broke out on his own in 2020 to help small yet scalable manufacturers and lend his experience to help them come to market. His specialty is outdoor living products including decking and railing manufacturer's. He is currently focused on supporting two frameless glass railing manufacturer's: one from Australia serving residential markets and from Italy serving commercial and residential markets.

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