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Peopleverse 021: Todd Miller of Isaiah Industries

Todd Miller of Isaiah Industries joins the Peopleverse to share his story and kick off season 2 with Tect’s architectural community director and host Evan Troxel. 

In the Peopleverse, we’re people-first.

This season is about featuring incredible people in the building industry who align with this value. In each episode we invite a guest to share their stories, wisdom, and experiences with you. 

It’s our mission to build stronger connections between the people in the industry for a better built environment. Relationships matter!

Come for the stories and stay for the community of like-purposed people. Join us in the Peopleverse

Here's a highlight from this episode:

Todd’s story of how the Metal Roofing Alliance was formed 25 years ago by a group of metal roofing industry competitors. What began with a plan that would sunset the organization in 5 years turned into an alliance of friends that helped transform the market share of steep slope metal roofing from 2% up to 17% and is still going strong after 25 years


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About Todd Miller:

Todd Miller is President of Isaiah Industries, a manufacturer of specialty residential metal roofing. He is also one of the hosts of the Construction Disruption podcast.  Todd has an educational website for property owners and others at  He is also Vice Chair of the Metal Roofing Alliance as well as a current Board Member and Past Chair of Metal Construction Association.

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