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Peopleverse 014: Mohammed Atif Shehzad

Mohammed Atif Shehzad of Atriade joins the Peopleverse podcast live from the Tect booth in the expo hall at the American Institute of Architects National Conference on Architecture which took place on June 23-25 in Chicago, Illinois. 

In this episode we discuss the value of leveraging relationships between design professionals and experts early to remove friction from the design process in regards to the complex nature of physical building security.

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About Mohammed:

Mohammed Atif Shehzad is the Founder and Managing Director of Atriade. He has over 25 years of experience in physical security solutions deployment and has worked for clients in a globally diverse market portfolio. Using data analytics and operational benchmarks, he develops user-specific methodologies to establish Security’s proactive role in the organization. Mr. Shehzad is responsible for creating long term strategic plans and vision for security organizations and managing customer relations.

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Peopleverse 021: Todd Miller of Isaiah Industries

Todd Miller of Isaiah Industries joins the Peopleverse to share his story and kick off season 2 with Tect’s architectural community director...

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