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Peopleverse 001: What is the Peopleverse?

✌️ We couldn't think of a better day to launch a new show than 2/22/22, at 2:22 PST no less. We call it Tect Tuesday. There's a certain ring to it all...

Listen to the teaser episode of the upcoming Peopleverse podcast and YouTube show

You may have heard of the metaverse. We're doing something different. Welcome to the Peopleverse.

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Episode Transcription:

Evan Troxel

Welcome to Peopleverse. You might have heard of the super-hyped Metaverse, which is all about the next major evolution of the Internet. Just mentioning the word Metaverse could quite possibly trigger you. Or maybe you're the kind of person that gets excited when you hear about it. There's a spectrum out there. I know.

Needless to say, this is different. Instead of the metaverse, we're building up Peopleverse, for the building industry, and this podcast is a part of it. And if you're wondering, who is this We that I'm referring to? It's Tect, which is the company behind this podcast, you can find out what we're up to So just what is a Peopleverse? I'm so glad you asked.

We all operate in a world where we're being told that data is the answer to everything, and to just search for what we're looking for. Yet, we're drowning in its abundance. The problem is that data and information by themselves don't get us far enough. They don't connect with us or necessarily remind us why we got into this industry in the first place. People on the other hand, can connect the dots, we have knowledge and experience and wisdom. And we can express these in the form of stories.

I believe there are fantastic and important stories to be told from within the building industry by the characters out there in the two groups that are near and dear. Those who design the buildings, you know the design professionals, the architects, landscape architects, the engineers, and those who make the components that buildings are ultimately made up the building product manufacturers. When they all work together, something magical happens. This podcast will bring you the stories told by the people behind the projects, both on the building product side and on the design professional side to entertain and inspire you.

These stories are told in offices and on construction sites all the time, but they haven't been recorded for everyone to benefit and that changes now. I can't wait to share them with you. You can find and on all the major platforms, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, yes, there's even a video version of this. And anywhere else you may already listen to podcasts. We're going to learn a lot together and this is going to be an adventure. My name is Evan Troxel. And I'll see you in the Peopleverse!

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